About Us

The AHCV Team is a network of business consultants that includes former high-ranking officials at state Medicaid agencies, lawyers who helped healthcare providers complete complex business transactions, and former high-ranking executives at public and private healthcare institutions. Our cross-functional team of expert consultants has the experience your entity needs to boost revenue, identify solutions to complex risks, and increase financial efficiency.

Specializing in Medicaid, our job is to ensure that healthcare providers receive their fair share of reimbursement for the services they provide. Whether it is designing a patient-centered service expansion initiative or conducting a detailed data-mining analysis, the AHCV Team ensures that your entity is tracking data accurately, efficiently, and, most important, within compliance.

While improving financial efficiency for healthcare providers, AHCV prioritizes expanding healthcare services for patients who typically are underserved. We help providers meet this challenge while balancing the need to manage increasing costs. Consistent with this, AHCV makes charitable donations to organizations that are committed to helping underserved patients.